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Content Creator Castle

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Product review videos by REAL Hollywood
film-industry content creators
whose work has been seen
on more than
700 million views
product review content creator
of social media
(and many millions more on television).

channel description

Creators who have
actually used the items on real projects,
not just a quick
pretend-try in a
soft environment!

With special focus on
best-deal lower-cost
film work items
to be used by YouTubers, TikTokers and
Instagrammers etc using DLSRs or
mirrorless or iPhones
& who need the best
items within a budget.

Content Creator Castle

Content creator reviews

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content creator videos

Videos to answer common
creator questions such as:

1. "Which OFF-camera
LED light panel is
best bang for the buck if I

can only afford one or two
lights for scene lighting?"
content creator led light

2. "There's many shotgun mics
which are low-priced, is there
one you recommend first after
you tried many of them?"

content creator shotgun microphone

3. "I need a portable backdrop
that can actually handle
paper rolls and also sometimes
vinyl backdrops. Which one is the
best deal that actually works?"
content creator background stand

4. 'I can't afford a $1000 lens.
What lens under $200 will
make clean YouTube filming?

content creator camera lens

5. 'What accessory are you
most glad you bought?"

content creator accessory

6. 'If you could only own one
camera for social media work
which one would it be?"

camera review for content creator

7. 'Which of the 4' tube lights are the best bang for the buck?"
which is best tube light

8. 'Dollar for dollar, which is wireless mic package is best
purchase choice for a
new content creator?"

which is best wireless mic

9. 'Which slider brand and
length is the one to have?"

10. 'Which video tripod
(including a fluid head)
is the best choice?"

11. 'Which ON-camera
LED light
is a smart choice?"

Video answers from:
persons who actually earn
a living with content creation,
NOT from product sales.

Video answers from:
persons who have filmed with
100+ content creators from
newbies to multi-millionaire
well-known content creators,
from start-ups to many with
millions of subscribers,
and we experienced what equipment to either use
or to instead avoid!

Email us a question:
we might answer--
or we might make it a video.

We have two goals here:

1. show you by our real-world experience which item amongst
similar choices is the actual
one worthy of choosing if it
survives actual use
2. show you which is the
best choice dollar-for-dollar
lowest-price best-deal
(including 'BARGAIN CHOICE')


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product review for content creators
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have an item you would like an
honest hands-on evaluation of.


Although not now, sometime in
the future some videos on our channels may contain what are called 'affiliate links', which
means that if you click on one of the product links and then buy,
we would receive a small commission-- but it would
add NO cost to you!

This would help to support the channels and allow us to
continue making review videos.

But for now, we are
not using any such links.

Content Creator Castle

We watch video equipment
video reviews just like you do.

Some reviews out
there are great
(you can ask us which
channels we respect!)
while some reviews out
there make real users
of that product laugh!

We guarantee you truth
that comes from REAL
use of each product.

Hey, to you creators that
also do still-photo work:

So does some of our team.
Watch for reviews on
equipment for that too.


Product reviews for content creators